Do bloggers need Plagiarism Checkers and Why?

Do bloggers need Plagiarism Checkers and Why?


We’re living in the year 2016 of the 21st century, and life has changed a lot from where we were 20 years ago. Newspaper nowadays aren’t anything that the public relates to anymore. They are merely something that used to exist in the 90s for news; there are many top sellers today too but they barely get any attention as most of the attention is directed towards the news online generated through blogs.

News has taken a faster and better new turn, and it is changing the way we think. No matter where you are and what you are doing, news blogs update quickly and easily and provide you with the news that you may be looking for. With easy setup for blogs, people set up their favorite blogs themselves and get the best out of their possible writing skills, but this is where they differ from actual newspapers. The credibility of the content being made completely shatters when you don’t have an editing team for your blog. The reputation of your blog can destroy in seconds if somebody detects plagiarism online, especially Google.

Why plagiarism detection?

The internet is slowly becoming the biggest hub for content that ever existed, and hundreds of people talk about the same thing that is being discussed over and over again, but in a way of their own. Originality is still the biggest factor that Google keeps your ranking dependable on. If you’ve been copying stuff on the internet, you’re in big trouble. However, if you haven’t already posted it, you can check for plagiarism on and find out where you might need changes on your content

This is why plagiarism detectors are vital for any blogger or writer online and need to be used every time you post something online to make sure that you are getting the best search engine rankings that you may have deserved for your website. Think you might have plagiarized something? Check it now on a plagiarism checker and make sure you’re completely original

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