Best Earbuds Under $50

If you can buy the same quality headphones at a lower price, why not?

Today we recommend headphones under $50, which is probably what most people need.

Headphones such as bose, Sony, and beats are hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars. Not everyone is willing to pay so much for a headset.

The headphones we recommend, although the brand is not so loud, but can be comparable to other brands in terms of quality and sound.

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1.AKG Y20U – The best value in-ear headphones


It turns out that it is not easy to choose a cheap and good headset, because they have too many choices. But we spent more than 2 months, after testing dozens of headphones, I found a few very good ones.

Among them, AKG Y20U is at the top because it has reached the best position: it is suitable for each of our team members, it sounds great, even better than our previous choice. This may sound a bit crazy, the AKG Y20U is like an inexpensive apple headphones.

Why is the AKG Y20U the best choice:

We use three factors to evaluate headphones in this category: comfort, sound quality and quality.

Many headphones perform very well in one respect, but others fail very well. But the AKG Y20U has entered our top three in all three areas.

Comfort: The AKG Y20U headphones are lightweight and comfortable and can be placed in the ear canal. The outer part of the earplug fits snugly against the back of the ear, rather than directly extending. This design helps stabilize, reduces the chance of tripping, and reduces some wind noise as you walk.

We believe that the most prominent feature of the AKG Y20U in this regard is that it is very suitable for sports.

Many of us like running or exercising. They found a problem during the test. Other headphones slipped easily under strenuous exercise, but the AKG Y20U always fits tightly on the ear (provided you are not mistaken R/L) ).

Sound quality: So far, the sound quality of the AKG Y20U has exceeded any choice in our category. Its bass is strong, but it doesn’t make the midrange turbid or overwhelm.

You may notice the effects of strong bass, but you won’t lose other sounds. The treble of the Y20U is not harsh or humming. Although it is not as thick as the bass, it still gives us a lot of surprises.

Many brands of headphones like to increase the high audio rate to make up for the lack of bass. The result is often jagged, painful strength, and won’t stop when you increase the volume, the Y20U doesn’t.

The Y20U headphones are perfect for rock, pop and hip hop music, and always let us indulge in listening to them.

Quality: One-button microphone and remote unit handles play/pause, track skip, voice activation and answering calls.

Although there is no volume control, the one-button design means that the Y20U can use both Android and Apple devices.

Also included is a basic small coin purse-style suitcase and three different sizes of silicone tips.

The AKG Y20U has no extra decoration, but it provides a really important commodity. In addition, AKG offers a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Flaws but not dealbreakers:

The volume of the AKG Y20U headphones is not very large, of course it depends on your output device. If you have an old device, or if you really like listening to music aloud, you may not get enough volume.

We used the iPhone 6 and 6s, iPod, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy and tested them. These devices have no problem in terms of volume, even when the outside noise is very loud, the music can be heard clearly.

We believe that for most people, the volume won’t be a problem.

2.Brainwavz Delta with Mic – The best-sounding option with an iOS-compatible remote/mic

Brainwavz Delta with Mic

If you have an iPhone and need a cheap wired earbuds with an iOS compatible microphone, the Brainwavz Delta is your best choice.

Overall, this is the only headset below $25 that doesn’t sound like cheap headphones.

Comfort: Brainwavz is still very comfortable to wear, soft texture, even if it is worn for a long time, it will not feel tired.

The Delta is equipped with three sizes of silicone tips and a pair of Comply foam tips for easier wearing.

Sound quality: Brainwavz Delta is excellent in sound quality, second only to the AKG Y20U mentioned above. The AKG Y20U gives you a more three-dimensional sound space and depth. But it is not that the sound quality of the Brainwavz headphones is not good.

The Brainwavz Delta features balanced sound characteristics with a slightly bumpy bass in the 60 Hz range and a high treble boost from 2 kHz to 4 kHz.

This means you will have a clear, strong bass line without losing the clarity of the lyrics.

Quality: In such a low price range, it is indeed a big challenge to maintain good quality. Brainwavz Delta can be said to be doing very well in this respect.

The four Brainwavz Delta headphones we tested had no problems for three months, and Brainwavz promised that if your Brainwavz Delta is broken, you can replace it with a new one for free within the specified time limit.

3.Panasonic RP-TCM125 ErgoFit – The best sound for the least money

Panasonic RP-TCM125 ErgoFit

If you want to buy the best sound quality headphones with the least amount of money, RP-TCM125 is undoubtedly the best choice.

The RP-TCM125 has a good overall balance and has no obvious disadvantages in terms of comfort, sound quality and quality. You can use it to listen to a variety of music, although not all aspects are particularly prominent, but in this price range can be said that there is no opponent.

Comfort: Relatively less comfortable than the first two models, its plastic design is not very comfortable, but the headphones are very light, with three pairs of silicone tips (small, medium, large), wearing comfort is good.

The kit comes with a one-button universal remote control and a microphone that plays on the phone, pauses and activates voice control.

Sound quality: The soft sound quality of RP-TCM125 will become the favorite of those who are sensitive to high frequency, but those who like high-pitched music are better to consider Brainwavz Delta.

The soft music flowing out of the RP-TCM125 is like a stream cleaning, so that the whole person is very comfortable.

Of course, it is not that the RP-TCM125 is completely unsuitable for high-pitched sounds. If you play ordinary rock music, there is no problem.

Quality: We have used countless headphones, and there are not a few really bad. The RP-TCM125 has no problems in terms of quality, even if it looks like a new one in the last year and a half.

In general, the Panasonic RP-TCM125 ErgoFit is a good choice if you want to get good music performance at the lowest price.

How did we test it:

In this price range, you will find that there are very few direct comparison comments on headphones, the main reason is: too many headphones.

Researching and evaluating all of the things available today is a daunting and time consuming task. We have done it three times! Fortunately, we are not afraid of hard work at the crucial moment.

So we started answering questions that people who are standing in front of an airport newsstand and browsing Amazon or Best Buy might ask.

How we get these answers is a long process.

The first stage: research. As I mentioned before, there aren’t a lot of professional reviews about low-cost headsets, but what’s really there is one-off, full of seemingly random choices, or no settings to compare several headsets.

But I found positive comments from as many professionals as possible and started to “consider” the list. Next, I sent an email to several colleagues in the audio industry asking about their favorite music.

Without a name, I got more than one answer “I don’t know, but I heard a pretty good voice.” It is not conclusive evidence.

Amazon, Best Buy, HeadFi, Newegg… If there are comments, I will go see it.

Whenever I find something that we haven’t tested before that is rated as four stars or better (watch the trusted comments), I add it to the list.

Since our initial testing, we have carefully considered 244 headphones.
Then I sorted out the choice of microphone and remote control and found that I had a new goal: If I need to change my iPhone, can I find a pair of Apple headphones that are the same price or cheaper and sound better?

If the price of this type of headphones is higher than Apple’s EarPods, they need to be equipped with a microphone and remote control like EarPods.

A pair with no microphone and remote control is priced at $25 or less is acceptable. Finally, we have competitors.

The second stage: acquisition. Now that I know what people like and what is new, I need to look at it myself.

But this is not as easy as you think. Just because a model was built last year does not mean that it is still in production this year.

I contacted every company on the list. (For anyone who likes to score, this means there are 79 independent companies.) I discussed with dozens of public relations representatives what will be stopped and what is new (added in the list), What is what I can get.

If the public relations company can’t send it, we will buy it. Add up quickly. But, hey, we love our readers, we don’t turn everything out because we can’t borrow headphones.

After this crazy shopping/borrowing, I have a bunch of boxes with 40 pairs of ears. Now the real work of the third round can begin.

Next: Test. Know what a super fun Friday night event? Burning in 40 pairs of headphones – this means connecting them to a device, constantly playing 30 to 45 minutes of pink noise and various types of music.

But I want to be fair, so I gave each pair time to connect to the sound source. After that, listening began.

Because the 40 pairs are a lot of headphones, we work in stages. Our team members listened to all the headphones under $30 and then listened to all the headphones above $30.

We compared the best rookies in each group, and each team member showed their best choice. Then we considered the price and warranty and exchanged opinions. Although we have some uncertain cards here and there, the AKG Y20U is clearly the winner.


The AKG Y20U headphones are affordable and comfortable, with a single-button remote control/microphone and over 100 other headsets in the price range.

If I want to buy a pair of earphones to replace my earphones, the price is almost the same, I will buy AKG Y20U.

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