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A tech-savvy business owner doesn’t have to move mountains or break walls with his bare hands to start a business in today’s marketplace. Using the right tools can drive tremendous business growth.

Many business owners deliberately refuse to include the necessary tools, not seeing their full effectiveness. The purpose of this article is to provide a selection of practical tools for comprehensive website promotion at every stage.

Digital marketing platforms is the modern stage in the evolution of internet marketing

Why use digital marketing platforms? Thanks to this convenient and effective Internet marketing tool, you can concentrate on the lead module, site analytics, e-mail marketing, and many other additional features in one place!

Marketing platforms do not reject the use of other tools but add new opportunities to them:

  •   “Lead management module” and “e-mail marketing module” allow you to increase the conversion of the site’s visitors to buyers;
  •  “SEO module” will tell you any errors your site contains, which impedes promotion, current positions with promoted key queries;
  • “Statistics and analytics module” will show the general statistics of the site, the number of visitors across all channels of your traffic, and site conversion;
  • “Module of social networks” will allow you to manage publications in your groups and get statistics of these publications;
  • The “Advertising Performance Evaluation Module” will help you identify the ineffective and least effective advertising campaigns, thereby helping to reduce your costs.

10 Best Marketing Project Management Software in 2020

What is the best marketing management software to keep your company running smoothly?

Check out our list below to find the right marketing project management software. In this review, we at SE Ranking looked at ten digital marketing tools:

  1. SE Ranking
  2. Monday,
  3. ClickUp,
  4. Screendragon,
  5. Hive,
  6. Wrike,
  7. Clarizen,
  8. Paymo,
  9. FunctionFox,
  10. DoneDone.

SE Ranking

The new generation SE Ranking service interface SE Ranking service is straightforward and intuitive.

SE Ranking can be used to work with reports and add new projects. After a simple registration, you can add exactly the site and the positions you plan to remove.

You will need to enter the name of the web resource, address, set the depth of the collection of positions, and the frequency of checks.

With SE Ranking website audit tool, you can rank your website in the top 10 search results.

Use SE Ranking, and it will not be difficult for you to find, track, and control all backlinks. In addition, thanks to the SEO management tool, you can get data on critical parameters for each link found.

The developer offers to establish a link to Yandex Metrica or Google Analytics. This function will allow you to check the positions of sites as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The pricing policy of the SE Ranking service is remarkably flexible, allowing you to choose from several good tariff plans simultaneously.


monday.com – has removed many elements of specific management tools and focuses on simple, visually intuitive layouts to help clarify the workflow.

Thanks to monday.com, users can manage marketing projects, upload files to cards, and leave comments.

You can also use the project reporting dashboard to collect data from multiple boards.

This allows you to track progress better. Unfortunately, monday.com does not offer a complete set of project accounting tools and billing solutions.


ClickUp –  is software for managing small business marketing companies, projects, tasks, documents, clients.

ClickUp allows you to:

  •  easily create dashboards to get information about any workflow,
  •  visualize marketing campaigns, list accounts, boards, charts, calendars,
  •  manage tasks to control task lists, subtasks, task templates,
  •  filter, sort, search, change the order of actions,
  •  View tasks in the most convenient way.
  •  review and write annotations to review, mark and approve files,
  •  assign comments to requested changes.


Screendragon – is flexible and highly customizable software for managing marketing projects. Screendragon has an easy-to-use interface.

Thanks to Screendragon, complex tasks can be solved in all aspects of marketing project management (SOW creation, project planning, project management, review workflows, approvals, resource management, budget, and reporting, visual inspection).

This software is ideal for large companies. Screendragon allows you to:

  • use a wide range of templates,
  • take advantage of automating artwork,
  • manage tasks,
  • provide more flexibility when using visual boards, interactive diagrams.


Hive – is project management software that is highly adaptable. This software is used by teams of 10 to 1000 participants. Hive is used by Starbucks, Uber, WeWork, and IBM.

Hive can optimize your work on one centralized platform with analytics and thousands of integrations. Hive is the option for those looking for a well-thought-out and comprehensive tool.


Wrike –  is the easiest and best option for large companies to manage marketing projects.  With Wrike’s simple interface, users can switch between whiteboards and interactive charts to visualize priorities. Wrike’s benefits:

  • easy to customize,
  • offers intuitive task and project management, time tracking, expenses,
  • visual checking,
  • management and allocation of resources,
  • switch from the main screen to dashboards, calendars, reports, timesheets,
  • many different solutions,
  • users also have access to a variety of templates,
  • over 400 built-in integrations.


Clarizen – is fully-featured enterprise software that allows you to manage all campaign processes. Clarizen will help you improve your campaign’s professionalism and stay competitive. Clarizen offers:

  • a complete overview of projects,
  • increase efficiency through automation,
  • the ability to adapt to your business processes,
  • centralize all actions and receive information in real-time about the status of campaigns, projects,
  • transparency throughout the campaign.


Paymo is software for managing collaborative marketing projects.

Thanks to Paymo, you can customize workflows, multiple project statuses, notifications, which will help you alert and identify vulnerabilities in advancement.

Paymo works with Adobe CC, Jotform, QuickBooks Online, Slack, Xero, and Google Suite. There are two paid plans from Paymo; the minimum is $11.95 per user per month. There is a free trial version of Paymo.


FunctionFox offers an efficient, affordable way to stay on top of basic administrative activities. Thanks to FunctionFox, you can track all projects from start to finish, increase profits, and find more time for creativity.

Users love this software for its ease of use and free expert advice. FunctionFox helps you improve your company’s profitability and productivity.


If you’re writing about a simple, robust marketing project management application, then DoneDone should be mentioned.

Thanks to DoneDone, you can manually create an unlimited number of tasks and work with different projects.

The DoneDone app has pretty much everything you need to manage your day-to-day marketing.

20 best marketing tools

It is tough to run your business without online promotion. However, some entrepreneurs still do not have their website or have one, but it is abandoned. We’re going to take a look at the top 20 online marketing tools to watch out for.

Google Search Console

This is a service from Google for web admins designed to audit a website. It shows technical errors, search traffic, page indexing status, and more.

Working with Google Search Console is essential for promoting and accelerating internal optimization.

Google Trends

Google Trends. It is aIt service from the search giant that provides information on search trends in any search region. Want to write relevant content? Analyze trends to know what to write about.


This is a popular social network with questions, answers, and discussions. Marketers can track trends in their topics with Quora and build credibility by providing users with suitable solutions.


Reddit. This resource will serve your marketing campaign and one of the most active online communities in the world, with over 200 million unique visitors and nearly 8 billion page views per month.

Meme Generator

Meme Generator. Want to make your content more fun? Use meme generators to create your memes.


eSputnik. An email marketing platform that even a beginner can quickly figure out. Simple interface, letter templates, a user-friendly constructor, and much more.


MailChimp. This service is top-rated because it has a high level of email deliverability. MailChimp has a free plan with 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month. This set may well be enough for the initial promotion stage.


IFFTT. This service unites two platforms so that the action in one application automatically occurs in the other.

For example, by changing the information or avatar on a Facebook page, similar changes will occur on Twitter or another network.


Buffer. A cross-posting platform on social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. There are two subscriptions: paid and free.

A free subscription allows you to use one account in each network; a paid subscription will enable you to connect to several social networks.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics. This service allows you to receive data on the number of users, analyze their behavior, and data about the source from visitors to the resource. Analytics will give answers to such questions:

  • How to track sales from the site?
  • What channel do customers come from?
  • What content is worth developing?


These days, documents need to be more multidimensional and flexible. But this requires more powerful tools that are adapted to our needs! Bit.ai helps solve that problem.

This one-stop document collaboration platform from an intelligent editor creates interactive documents and a robust content library.

This mechanism allows marketing departments to see what people do with documents after publication.



If you have difficulties reconciling financial statements, then we recommend using ZipBooks.

The intelligent ZipBooks software was created to fine-tune the containment system.

ZipBooks is accounting software for modern businesses. ZipBooks provides insights into the performance of customer interactions.


It is no coincidence that Basecamp is called the “online organizer.”

Thanks to Basecamp, it becomes possible for company representatives to work closely together and complete individual or group tasks faster.

Basecamp is a vital tool in modern business, as the proper workplace organization significantly increases productivity.


If you are an entrepreneur, you most likely do not have much free time. Do you want to benefit from 24 hours a day? Wunderlist can save you time and productivity.

Thanks to Wunderlist, you can organize your teamwork and plan everything.

Multitasking is a huge performance boost! Wunderlist helps you get the most out of your efforts, but it’s essential to do everything in sequence.

Just make a list of essential tasks and follow through in stages, prioritizing the vital items.


Google is a technology leader, as evidenced by the emergence of G-Suite. Instant messaging apps haven’t replaced email, and if you don’t have a Gmail account, you know for sure people who do.

G-Suite is moving beyond email to allow businesses to have a business identity. G-Suites’s cloud-based features enable businesses to initiate and complete tasks without constraints.

Thanks to several parts, G-Suites facilitates business functions when working with documents, surveys, and presentations.


Many companies have regular face-to-face meetings to evaluate performance or discuss issues.

Although, sometimes people cannot personally attend such meetings. In this case, Zoom will help.

It enhances your capabilities and provides quality communication anywhere in the world.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the apparent quality of sound, video, and the absence of noise interference during communication.

Now, thanks to Zoom, you won’t have to postpone essential business meetings.


Most large organizations want people who come into contact with their business to become their clients.

This would positively contribute to unprecedented growth. Optinmonster is the tool you need to optimize your conversions.

It is used to grow email lists to keep in touch with customers. If a client has visited your site, you need to take advantage of this and keep it. Optinmonster helps your visitors feel at home by making them want to subscribe to your list.


It is difficult to survive the competition for small or large businesses in the modern world. Ahrefs is a search engine optimization (SEO) tool. It gives you insight into the actions of your competitors.

Ahrefs provides essential tools for content research, backlinks, and web monitoring for competitive analysis. Now, thanks to Ahrefs, you can create timely content that will drive sales.


Buzzsumo is an online tool for businesses looking to create the right content. If you don’t understand the details, you will not spend the right resources creating exciting content.

Thanks to Buzzsumo, you can raise your site in search engine rankings.


ProofHub is a unique web-based solution that was created for project management. ProofHub is convenient for businesses where several projects are being executed simultaneously.

Moreover, some projects can be located inside other projects.

Now you can use only 1 ProofHub solution and stop using several business tools at once for assigning tasks, planning projects, tracking time.

Thanks to ProofHub, you can cover all aspects of the project at once.


The above list of essential digital marketing tools is by no means exhaustive, but it covers the most critical tools that are in demand today and will not lose their relevance shortly.

As a result, marketing platforms are the most advanced Internet marketing tools that allow the site owner to get the most out of their site and increase profitability at a minimum cost.


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