15 Best Writing and Editing Services Of 2022

Nowadays, people don’t always have enough time to write their term papers or update the content on their blogs. We lead busy lives and try to save as much time for ourselves as possible. This is why many online writing and editing services are willing to do the work quickly and on a high level. Here are the fifteen best writing and editing services of 2022.

Grab My Essay

Grab My Essay is a service that can write, rewrite, edit or proofread your content. They offer various types of content such as academic writing, resumes, admissions, and dissertations. You can choose from multiple levels, from High School to doctoral levels. By the way, they also have 24/7 customer support to ask any questions you might have.



Plagiarism Checker


Plagiarism Checker is a fantastic tool to have your content scanned for plagiarism. Once your text has been reviewed, you will be reported with the percentage of plagiarism your content contains and the sources from which the information was taken. This way, you can either credit them or change the wording itself.



This tool is a free online proofreading and editing tool that has recently gained popularity. It finds grammatical, spelling, and punctual mistakes, but you must upgrade to premium if you want to have your content edited better. There is also an option to have a human proofreader check your text.

After The Deadline


After The Deadline is a spell, style, and grammar checker. Even though After The Deadline is only available as a plugin, they also have it as a simple web interface at PolishMyWriting. Moreover, After The Deadline supports several languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.


As the name states, Wordcounter counts the words. But the main trick is that it finds how often you use certain words or phrases and displays these numbers to rethink your word choices. Once you insert your text and let Wordcounter analyze it, it will create a report with everything it found.



Ginger is software for writing and editing your content. It has an online equivalent called Ginger Checker that checks grammar and spelling. You can get Ginger either as an Android or iOS or a program for Windows or Mac. There are various additional features available, such as a text reader and a dictionary. You can also learn English with the Ginger Personal Trainer or translate to other languages with Ginger Translator.

Supreme Dissertations

Supreme Dissertations is a service that can write your academic paper for a low price and in a fast-approaching deadline. They offer various discounts and have an online support chat to answer your questions. They also have rewriting, copywriting, proofreading, and editing services available at a low price.

Hemingway App


Hemingway App, also called Hemingway Editor, is a free online editor that lets you insert your text and find various mistakes. It highlights words or phrases with various grammatical and spelling errors. In addition to that, the Hemingway App also asks you to shorten wordy sentences and get rid of adverbs and passive voice.

Slick Write

Slick Write is an online tool that checks your grammar, writing style, and sentence structure. It also contains the vocabulary you use and underlines or highlights various issues your text might have. The best thing about it is that it explains why your mistakes are, well, mistakes.

Paper Rater


Paper Rater uses Artificial Intelligence to check your text according to its website. It finds grammar and spelling errors as well as terrible word choice. You can also scan your document for plagiarism with Paper Rater. It is a free online tool, but there are some features you can purchase in addition to the standard pack.

Hot Essay Service


Hot Essay offers a wide range of academic writing, rewriting, editing, and more. They have low prices and even discounts. There is an online price calculator to find out how much your order will cost. They also offer various professionalism levels from High School to Doctoral. Along with that, Hot Essay Service can even write your resume!

Google Docs

Perhaps one of the most popular writing and editing software, Google Docs, is Microsoft Office Word’s online equivalent. You can edit word documents while viewing them from several devices simultaneously, which makes it perfect for group projects. There are all the formatting tools you need, and you can export your file once you are done.

Cliché Finder


As the name suggests, Cliché Finder locates clichés in your text. Everything from overuse or bland words to standard phrases found almost on every corner – that’s what Cliché Finder looks for. It can also find clichés in your poetry! Once it sees a cliché, it highlights the part so you can change it.

Readability Score

Readability Score scans your text and determines how understandable it is. The tool checks the readability of your content. Once your text is analyzed, the software will tell you what level of education your reader should understand your writing.


If you don’t like Microsoft Office Word or Google Docs, Draft is a great alternative to them. It has a distraction-free interface and several features you will find helpful. Your work is backed up online, and you can share it with others.


To sum up, these are the most popular and reliable services available. They will provide you with high-quality content for a minimal price. If you ever need any assistance with virtually any type of writing, you can turn to them.

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